Play PUBG is Good or Bad


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Play PUBG is Good or Bad

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds christened popularly as PUBG is totally free compared to other high priced mediums such as PlayStation 4, Xbox 1 etc. This real reason that the game is the exploding weapon among the gaming freaks. Besides there are several extraordinary features to add its heyday.

Though, paradoxical part of PUBG is also nerve-racking. For various excuses the game has been under scan for being a violent game. A big crowd has affirmed it to be brutal, which made several countries to ban the game. There are critics who have taken it positively and the ones who declare their negativity for the same. We'll have a march past viewpoint on both the slants to broaden the perspective of the game.

Positive perks of playing PUBG game!

• Useful for learning languages

There are eleven different languages given in the settings so that the users may go with their own suitable languages. No Indian language is available so far and English is only option for them. Indian players are using English, but not everyone knows English. Many people are willing either to learn improve English to get the core delight of the game.

Other ten more languages are also good to catch their concepts through the game if one is particularly trying to learn any of those languages. There are French, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Indonesian, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean and Chinese languages.

• Build decision-making skills

At PUBG, you have a whole range of events that burst altogether. These situations demand the players to take quick decisions. This is how you get training to pull heads together.

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• Make your friend list big

Like social apps, this game is also great platform to meet unknown people and turn them into good friends. If you're friendly, it goes even great as you may discover people who will become even your best friends.

• Good for leisure time

Wise people never waste their time, but its intelligent people only who spend their free time in an enjoyable way. It can be a great means of enjoyment amusement.

Negative end products of the game

• Promotes violence

Many people are of opinions that because the game contains a brutal war theme, it brings the minds close to the aggression.

• Bad brain effects

Experts have believed that these games corrupt the brain and cause disorders. The young ones become violent or carry out extreme anti-social behaviour.

• Has become addiction

The nature of the game is addictive hence it eats so much time of the players. It cause a decline in their productivity. WHO had declared in 2018 that gaming addiction is a mental health disorder. Addiction to video games increases their depression and anxiety levels.

• A medium of time waste

People spend hours on PUBG and it becomes the reason they lose their valuable time. The average time game takes may be 4 to 5 hours per day. This is why one cannot find time to spend on other profitable activities such as doing exercise, sports, reading interacting with the family and friends.

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