What is Lumosity? How This Help for Mind?


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Lumosity The Brain Training Game

Lumosity, as per their claim is the most popular brain workout game. Known as of the most refined brain training and mental fitness websites around, Lumosity gets you a chance to play three games per day. The website claims that playing their games improves memory and brain functions.

First We need to become a user by signing up for a free account. There is also a subscription service allowing one keep record of their results and improvement.

It also enables the users to replay those three games as many times as they like. It is available in both PC and mobile versions.

Developer and maintainer

Lumos Labs, a prominent brain training brand is the manufacturer of Lumosity. They claim to have more than 85 million users to their training programs across 180 countries.

The Brain Training Game - Lumosity

Lumos Labs was established by Kunal Sarkar, Michael Scanlon, and David Drescher in 2005. Almost two years later they launched Lumosity.com, their website in 2007. Lumosity supplies more than 50 games designed to challenge core cognitive competences.

Payable details about the game

According to the company, they have received more than 100 million users worldwide since it launched. Apptopia, an analytics firm, informs that 3.8 million users joined in the last nine months alone.

Even buyers have been of mind to pay for a premium account to pop more specific performance analytics. They also paid to receive tips for better gaming strategies.

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As for free users, they're restricted to access the all games and explicit features. Paid subscribers are included among more than 50 million users. More than half of them are paying $15 monthly or $80 yearly to get full access.

Does playing Lumosity makes cognitive abilities better?

The makers of this game believe that their games make memory better and many users have supported their claim. A huge number of users to it shows how much people have been trusting it.

We can't say whether it really helps memory. Perhaps they might do in few specific circumstances. Research have shown evidence that such programs are helpful to sharpen thinking decision making skills. Some new study have discovered they may improve memory and mood in advanced age people who start experiencing failure in their brain abilities.

Make Your Brain Sharper with Lumosity

On the other hand, there are several studies and reports that reject this idea of better memory functioning. Even they have tested the improvement quality of the game by experimenting. They made people play it a fix period of time and concluded no intellectual improvements.

Whatever the matter is, let's say the game is yet a good cerebral activity. The company claims to improve memory, attention, resilience speed of brain processing and problem solving. This further is backed by millions of users who keep playing even paying to it.

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