How Video Game are Good For us?


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How Video Game are Good For us
What is a video game?

William Higinbotham was the creator of the first video game in the year 1958.

Is Playing Video Games are Good for Us?

Electronically operated games that we play on a screen is what we know as video games. The term video is applied to demonstrate the visual or visible thing. Hence we have it as video game which is run by an arcade.

When and where did it start from?

William Higinbotham was the creator of the first video game in the year 1958. He was a physicist and was employed at the Brookhaven National Laboratory. It was there, he manufactured one of the means of entertainment that never had existed. This trend has been expanding since then, to produce the latest version of trendy and modern games.

Tennis for Two was the first game by Higinbotham that presented solid animation. It became hugely popular among the people. Visitors were amused to see the first of its kind, because they never had experienced such kind of delight. They found something that could make them feel refreshed.

Again the trend of video games kept expanding for the rest of the 1950s and 1960s. It was the time when people were literally blank about the gravity of video gaming. Once the liking showed out, it never turned back to stop or to lower the fun it highlighted.

Reasons as why did it become popular?

Since the year 1980s, this fondness of video gaming has been taking the attention. Until now it has gained popularity as one of the top entertainment of modern time. Need not to mention that young generation has been crazy about video gaming.

It is so convenient that you will make anything happen with a modern video game. You may dominant a region, make fascinating stuffs in a whole new environment, bring solutions to mysterious problems, puzzles and various more.

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If there is anything called limit as to what you can do in video games is only creator’s mind and creativity. Nowadays these games can be played anytime and any everywhere, because they have taken the form of android games.

How these games are good for us?

According to research, video games might actually bring you intelligence. They can make you smarter in your daily tasks. If we believe these researches, we will end up saying that your brain might be enhanced due to playing games.

Gaming is all about mind and mind works better when given regular exercise. The way we get a healthy body by doing physical exercise, brain also becomes healthy and more active.

Researchers concluded that because of their engaging experiences and enriching 3D virtual environments, the same video games that have been played for decades by children and adults alike may actually provide our brain with effective and meaningful stimulation.

A conference was held at the American Pain Society in 2010 which had brought out the data that playing video games, chiefly the ones with virtual reality, are efficient in cutting off anxiety or pain caused by chronic illness or medical procedures.

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