Gaming Trend: Order of the Day


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Gaming Trend: Order of the Day
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Mobile games actually make a distinct mindset for users. Perhaps they put much better effects on their mood than social apps like Facebook and Twitter. And they are three times more happy to get focused on playing these games than using social apps. They find themselves apparently more engaged in mobile gaming than social apps.

Still better, playing even long hours doesn't ever affect the phones. What it does is only gets heated up then recovers when you pause for some time.

Obsessiveness to mobile gaming spread among millions

The portability of mobile games takes the lion's share when it's about the reasons why they are so popular! Getting access into is never a big deal and mobile gaming goes to be the order of the day.

As we mature, we tend to think that games are kids' business. But that theory is quite delusional.

Even adults are leaned into the business and have become addicted to games.

Gaming related data is just shocking

According to the reports released by Market intelligence firm Newzoo, “Betting on Billions: Unlocking the Power of Mobile Gamers,” that summarizes how mobile gamers are an “advantageous prime audience for brands.”

Newzoo has put the prediction that 2.4 billion people will play mobile games globally this year. Newzoo’s assumption regarding the mobile game industry is the estimation based on a few key conclusions. One of which is that gaming is the “third-most-popular” app type, after social media and shopping apps.

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Among the app users, aged 18 to 20, games are the second-most-popular app class. Mobile games are neck and neck with music streaming apps, where gender distribution is allotted fairly well. Music apps show up with a 50/50 gender split, while games hold up fantastically more females, 51 percent women to 49 percent men.

Newzoo’s mobile games report studies figures from the United States America, France, U.K., and Germany. They interviewed more than 12,300 app users in order to perform their survey for over 2 weeks in December 2018. But this report doesn't contain any data from China. Needless to say Chinese have created the largest mobile game market all over the world.

So, the conclusion of reports that people around the world spend a massive three billion hours per week playing video games, is really startling.

Strong reasons for liking mobile gaming

Mobile games are considered as skill enhancers and brain-training tools. They make the players use their brain artistry to solve problems. Thus gaming allows us to develop the ability of critical thinking.

One of the best reasons can be the ability of mobile gaming helping players feel less stress. It has been noted that while someone is very tired as well as in a bad mood and gets indulge in gaming, he/she significantly recover the mental eruptions.

According to the study of a team from the University of Essex in the UK, people felt better about themselves if they could act out a new identity during a game. This included playing a villain or a different gender. The investigators had initially speculated that video games are likely to act as a form of ‘escaping from themselves.'

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