5 Best Sports Games for Sports Lovers


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5 Best Sports Games for Sports Lovers

People love to play sports games for various reasons. Mainly because we're crazy about them. Once we're so attracted to sports, we get double attractions for the sports games.

We may like to play sports games to satisfy our love for competition, lower our stress lever play, to find entertainment, etc.

So let's say sports games have all positive effects which bring us positive results in us. This list is about some great sports games that can be the first-rate medium to spend time.

1. Pro Evolution Soccer

Pro Evolution Soccer-PES is a sequence of football duplication video games. Konami, Group of companies have been developing and launching it yearly since 2001. Almost 30 million people had played this game only in the year 2016.

The Pro Evolution Soccer series makes the users enjoy real soccer. The player aka user controls either a particular team or a specified player with the aim of meeting with the rules of association football. Several game modes have been added in the series, that bring a variety in the play, including the Kick-Off, Online, and Offline modes.

2. World Cricket Championship-2 WCC 2

There are millions of cricket lovers around the world. This game World Cricket Championship-2 is dedicated to the cricket fans. The game was produced by NextWave Multimedia Pvt. Ltd.

This has been one of the most loved mobile gaming apps in India. Even it has been accepted among the list of Top 10 Games for Monthly Active Users by App Annie Report. Also, it has been the only Indian game to be part of this calendar constantly three times.

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More than 10 million app installations have been done so far. We can play World Cricket Championship 2 offline too, but we require an internet connection to synchronize coins, send or receive challenges from others.

3. Stickman Archer 2

Stickman Archer 2 is a remarkable shooting game. Where you are an expert stickman equipped with bow and numberless arrows. You wait on a track to defend yourself against other stickman archers. There you have the thrilling task of destroying enemies and keep alive.

You will pull and tumble your finger to set targets and go firing.

You will put the enemy to the end by a hit in the head or two hits in the body. It offers both single and multiplayer modes.

Among the curious features of this amazing game include: shoot to apple on head stickman, hero skins, arrow skins, shoot to bottles, bow skins, etc.

4. 3D Tennis

Power Serve 3D Tennis is an awesome video game developed by SPS and published by Ocean Software for the PlayStation in the year 1995. It holds both single and multiplayer modes.

This game is full of fun and smart skills where you grip a racket and collect experience of virtual tennis. Equipped with the most advanced 3D Game design ever found on a sports title, Power Serve 3D Tennis takes the widest capacity of the PlayStation console's powerful new generation technology.

Broad, alive player you are standing right on the court. Well, smooth, full-motion character movement enables you free 360 flexibility.

5. Fifa 17

FIFA 17 is another sizzling sports video game in the FIFA series. Electronic Arts are the developer and publishers, who released it in September 2016. It has been the first FIFA game in the series that uses the Frostbite game engine.

The game is both single and multiplayer modes, making the real soccer fun possible on your fingertips. Though, you can play the game only in career Mode. You will be able to select only International teams who offer you to be their head coach.

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