Are Action Games Causing Violence?


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Are Action Games Causing Violence?
Do war video games cause aggression?

There are various types of video games in the market. From action to strategy and most people people have agreed that there are some games are beneficial. They have been found to improve the ability to concentrate and process visual information. A big mass of online gamers accept that they don't care what do games do to them, they're just playing because they find them addictive.

But on the other hand, many people have raised lots of questions regarding psychological effects of video games on the minds of players. They may totally concede that these games pull improper fallouts on mental environments of certain individuals. Are they becoming violence or aggression by playing violent games?

It can be accepted by all means that war and violence are so prevalent in game science. Violence and fight have been entertaining the audience in TV shows or movies. When video games initially started their journey in the market, it got immediately inspired by violence common in TV and cinema.

Video games are either the means of training or the software of Satan which aggravate young men to operate some actual tumults. Even the World Health Organization has considered adding "gaming disorder" to a list of mental health conditions, stating that problematic gaming behaviour might cause problems in other areas of people's psychological backgrounds.

What do studies say about violence in games

Studies say that playing violent video games may cause destructive thoughts, behaviours, in short-term and long-term. Spending more time to such games have made them addicted to think aggressively.

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American Psychological Association has discovered that people who played violent video games were to some degree more likely to get into aggressive behaviour. Though the Association applies to say playing games was not enough to cause aggression until they have a personal negative background.

There are few more studies showing no link between game violence and violent or offensive thoughts. A senior APA member Chris Ferguson doesn't accept that there's really any connection between games and aggression. Those studies saying such groundless outcomes were inspired with methodological implications.

However so many Americans think that video games contribute to the cause of gun violence. Pew study done in 2017 detected that 65% of adults did accept that video games lead to much extent or a fair amount to gun violence. The same belief was found much deep rooted among people 65 and older.

The most important aspect with playing games should be the question 'how good is in playing?'

There are games which actually make great to human behaviour. They may enhance brain skills, develop problem-solving approach and turn a bad mood into better one. The bottomline is to choose and let the younger choose the healthy games.

Video Games are a great means to spend time and a good source of positivity. Even better than watching movies or cartoons. Effects of these games on young children can be good if correct option is chosen. Hence it is very important to get around some games that are both deep interesting as well as perfect brain- storms.

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